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  • Back on April 2020

Lisbon Full-Day Trip to Gay Beach 19

Discover one of the best nude gay beaches in Europe.

Quick Details

  • Transport in an air-conditioned, insured and licensed vehicle
  • A friendly and English-speaking guide
  • Beach towel
  • Paper version of the Lisbon Gay Map & Guide
  • Insurance cover, in accordance with national law
  • 23% VAT
Adult (Ages 18+)

All You Need to Know About Beach 19

What it is: Beach 19 is a very large gay nude beach which is part of a Nature Reserve. The name comes from the fact that the zone around the stop number 19 of the beach train became the area most popular with gays. It is officially a nude beach (by law) but you can opt between being naked or keeping your swimsuit on.

Where it is: Beach 19 is about 30 km South of Lisbon centre in the middle of a very long stretch of sand known as Costa da Caparica. North of Beach 19 is Praia da Bela Vista (also known as Beach 17) and this is where the car park and the closest bar/restaurant are located. South of Beach 19, you can find the small village of Fonte da Telha where you can also find some parking and several typical beach restaurants. The beach is located within the Nature Reserve of Paisagem Protegida da Arriba Fóssil da Costa da Caparica. This protected area was created to preserve the unique geological features present in the region.

When to go: You can enjoy nice beach days from May to October. It is also common to have warm weather on some days of April and November.

What to take: Bring sunblock (lots of it), sunglasses, sun umbrella, snacks & drinks, swimsuit (or not) and to be ready for anything, also bring condoms and lube.

What to do: Beach 19 is the perfect spot for sunbathing, swimming, cruising and making new friends. Enjoy a drink at the bar or watch the sunset. On the busiest days, you can buy drinks, snacks or even the pastry that Portuguese love to eat on the beach (bola de berlim) from vendors walking on the beach.

What not to do: Avoid leaving any trash behind and don’t smoke in the wooded areas due to fire hazard. The Atlantic ocean can be dangerous. Make sure you respect the beach flag color (in Beach 17) and don’t swim in case it is red or yellow.